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Yes, You Can Create Your Own Website!

You Don't Have To Pay A Web Master Or A Web Designer To Create Your Website. You Can Easily Learn To Set Up, Create And Maintain You're Own Online Business. Starting Today!

Three Common Website Challenges Revealed

There are three common challenges that keep people from getting that very first website (and future ones for that matter) up and running and making money. The purpose of WP Strategies is to eliminate what ever challenges you may have and help you grow beyond them.

Lack Of Knowledge

learning frustrations

Have a brilliant product or service idea but feel like a tech novice? No worries! We understand that your current technical expertise might be limited to basic tasks like highlighting, copying, and pasting, with a touch of formatting. That's where WP Strategies comes in to bridge the gap and help you bring your ideas to the online world."


Fear of messing up

You may have some familiarity with tools like Word, Google Docs, or other web tools, but we understand that sometimes technology can be a daunting task. It's completely normal to feel apprehensive about clicking the wrong button or making a mistake, but WP Strategies will guide you every step of the way and help you overcome those fears.


Overall Frustration

Many online business owners finds him/herself getting frustrated when they can't get things to work. They either get frustrated by the webmaster that “seemed so knowledgeable at first” or by technology, or even time. WP Strategies is taught in a way anyone can understand it. And, if you have a challenge support is just a click away.

These frustrations are just getting it up and running. Heck… what happens if you manage to get the thing up and running and looking great. Then all of a sudden you find a typo! Just great… now you’ve got to go BACK to your webmaster (if you can reach them) and pay him/her their hourly rate of $50, $60, $75 per hour OR MORE, to change “strageties” to “strategies”. It’s 2 simple letters, but the webmaster wants to charge a minimum of 1 hour simply to open up your website!

It’s no wonder people get so overwhelmed by the website part of their business (even though it should only be a small part of what they focus on). That's why WP Strategies makes so much sense for you to learn today.

This is so point-and-click simple that by the end of this course you too will be able to put up websites in under 30 minutes.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been online 3 minutes or 3 years, with this simple strategy I’m about to reveal, you will realize how easy it really is to create your own websites – even if you’re a total newbie or a terrified technophobe.

Maybe you’ve heard “webmaster” horror stories from other marketers…

Or perhaps you’ve tried to hire a webmaster yourself, only to experience – first hand – the endless waiting game that most webmasters play. And while you’re waiting… your competition is stealing profits right out from underneath you.

And the biggest problem is… your hands are tied because you just simply don’t know how to do it yourself. So all you can do is wait… and wait… and wait, and HOPE that it comes out right when it’s done once and for all, AND isn’t costing you more in webmaster fees and lost sales.

When it comes to marketing on the Internet, you simply MUST have a website. Without a website, it’s like opening a restaurant without food! You would never get off the ground. It would be silly to even think about a restaurant without first figuring out what kind of food you’ll offer. Yet, so many people start their online businesses without giving any thought to what kind of website they’re going to have or how in the world they’re going to get it from their head to the web!

Why Be Held Hostage By A Webmaster Any longer?

By following the simple steps I show you in WordPress™ Strategies you’ll quickly discover that you, yourself can create your own blog, website, or even membership site without the help of anyone what-so-ever.

Let’s put it this way, if you were able to start your computer, open up a web browser and find this website, you can put up a website with the resources I share with you in WordPress™ Strategies.

Let me take a second to explain why I chose WordPress™ as the platform for this solution. In case you don’t know, WordPress™ is a free online blog application that you can install on your website to journal about what ever you want to share with the world. In fact the website you are on right now was created using WordPress™.

By simply watching the step-by-step online videos in the private members area you will learn how to go from WordPress™ blog into a fully functional website in literally minutes. You’ll be amazed how quickly you achieved what others told you would take weeks or months to accomplish, all with no previous experience necessary.

What Is WordPress™ Strategies

wordpress strategies

WordPress™ Strategies is an online members area where you will you get access to online videos broken down to manageable bite-sized segments. Some maybe as short as 10-15 minute segments covering every aspect of WordPress.

Plus in the members area you have access to all content, break out videos, and case studies showing 16+ different ways to utilize WordPress™ to further expand your online success. Additionally you'll find videos such as troubleshooting tips, plugin and theme reviews and so much more.

This series will start off as live sessions followed by break out recorded videos explaining certain tasks where needed. There will also be recorded live videos on different ways to utilize WordPress in your business.  I hope you make the decision to Become a WordPress Strategies member today.

If It Isn’t In There, Just Ask!

That’s right, with "submit it anytime" access, you can ask for help with anything related to your WordPress site whenever you need it. If you can't find a video that explains what you're looking for, just send us a request, and we'll make a video specifically for your question. As soon as the video is ready, we'll let you know, so you can continue with your WordPress tasks without delay.


Here’s What You’ll Learn In WordPress™ Strategies

  • Be able to Install the WordPress™ application.

    Knowing how to install WordPress™ will allow you to set up new sites as needed all on your own. Well cover automated and manual setups.

  • Be Able to Change the Apperance of YOUR Website With Just A Few Clicks.

    Choosing the right theme for your website is easier than you think. You'll learn how to start with a prebuilt theme and customize as needed. And learn some cool design tips as well. 

  • Add Content To YOUR Site

    Even if you have an assistant helping you, it's a good idea to know how to make changes to your own site. You'll learn how to do it the right way, learning SEO tips along the way. I'll also cover using AI to help generate content!

  • Learn How To Extend The Functionality of Your Web Site.

    Plugins allow you to improve various areas of your website. We'll cover the reasons why. Top plugins I utilize and how to search for others you might want to use. 

  • Discover How To Generate Free Traffic With Proven Strategies.

    Organic search engine optimization is something I've used for decades on my websites. WordPress just makes it that much easier If done right!. I'll show you how ;)

  • Know how to Maintain, Protect, AND Backup Your Site All on Autopilot.

    I offer maintenance as a service but with WP Strategies I'll show you how to automate the process so you have full control of your site. Even if you have multiple sites it all can be done at the click of a few buttons. 

  • Expand Your Online Earning Potential

    In this training I'll show you how to earn more by creating your own membership site, Merch Store, eCommerce, and other ways to utilize WordPress™ for your business. At least 16 different case studies.

Frank Deardurff
Frank Deardurff -
That One Web Guy

People Ask Why I'm Teaching WordPress™ Strategies

If you haven't picked up on it by now I myself am A Web Guy.

I’ve been a webmaster myself for “Marketing Giants” and multi-million dollar businesses for over Two DECADES. I also do “favors” for dozens of well know friends in the online marketing industry. They reach out to me with an urgent problem when their webmaster  is no where to be found, and their site is down or there’s a bug that simply won’t work!

You would not believe some of the messes I have had to clean up and how much these people have overpaid for the quality they received.

Frankly, it drives me insane!

I know what you’re probably thinking right this very moment: “Oh, sure he says it’s easy because he’s a techno-geek!” Well truth be told, that’s the very reason I’ve come up with this training solution.

You see I can only help so many clients at a time and I’ve seen so many of my friends struggle to get a website online. I was determined to figure out a simple strategy that anyone can accomplish that would solve the problem once and for all!

Not only could I help all my friends and mastermind partners to get this done themselves, without stress; worry; or expense; of hiring a techno-geek webmaster, but I could also stop them from running into trouble in the first place! They’d never be dependent on a webmaster again! They could control their website 100% all of the time.

And sure… if they wanted to outsource any part of it, they certainly could still do that too. Not only would they have a better understanding of what to ask for and how long it really takes, but they’d have the ability and the tools to make any last minute changes on their own! They would never have to wait for a change or update EVER AGAIN!

What Other People Charge Truly HONKS ME OFF!

Being a web guy, trainer, graphic artist, coach, and serial entrepreneur. I follow a lot of groups, attend many events online and off, and am part of different membership groups myself.

In a few of the "Service for Hire" groups I see time and time again people offering trainings on how to bilk uh er charge their website customers $15,000 - $20,000 or more.

The services they provide are many of the things I've taught before and will be teaching in this training course. I kid you not! And as I said it irritates me to no end.

That's why this training/membership will only be about one-tenth of that cost. More on that in just a moment.


We Will Go Step-By-Step

Just so that you are completely clear, with WordPress™ Strategies I will take you step-by-step in every possible situation to put content on your website, whether it be text, images, audio, video, pdf’s or whatever you can think of and in no time at all you will turn an under performing website into a first class sales site or even a multimedia membership area, training people in your niche market just like I’ve done here.

I’m 100% confident that I can walk you through every piece that you want to learn and more. And if I haven’t covered it yet let me know via the online Q&A form and I’ll add it to make sure you get your questions answered. We won't leave a puzzle piece unturned.

WordPress Strategies

YES!, I want to learn the WordPress™ Strategies that will help me once and for all take control of my own websites and save hundreds if not thousands of dollars by utilizing these techniques to grow my online business.


$ 19 / month
  • Access To All Trainings & Case Studies *
  • Access To All Plugin & Theme Reviews*
  • Intro To CSS Crash Course (Bonus)
  • Intro To Photoshop Training (Bonus)
  • Unlimited 24/7 Ticket Support


$ 97 / One Time
  • Access To All Trainings & Case Studies**
  • Access To All Plugin & Theme Reviews**
  • Intro To CSS Crash Course (Bonus)
  • Intro To Small Business Photoshop (Bonus)
  • Unlimited 24/7 Ticket Support
Best Deal


$ 197 / One Time
  • Access To All Trainings, Case Studies & Updates
  • Access To All Plugin & Theme Reviews
  • Intro To CSS Crash Course (Bonus)
  • Intro To Small Business Photoshop (Bonus)
  • One Free Website Review Video (Bonus)
  • Unlimited 24/7 Ticket Support

Pay As You Go Access as long as you are a member. Upgrade at anytime at a discount to what you've already paid.

**Core Training Only Access is for The Core Training, Case Studies and reviews during the core classes. Upgrade Anytime.