This is so point-and-click simple that
by the end of this course you too will be
able to put up websites in under 30 minutes.

To: Frustrated Online Marketers
FR: Frank Deardurff III
RE: Creating Websites with WordPress&#8482

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been online 3 minutes or 3 years, with this simple strategy I’m about to reveal, you will realize how easy it really is to create your own websites – even if you’re a total newbie or a terrified technophobe.

Maybe you’ve heard “webmaster” horror stories from other marketers…

Or perhaps you’ve tried to hire a webmaster yourself, only to experience – first hand – the endless waiting game that most webmasters play. And while you’re waiting… your competition is stealing profits right out from underneath you.

And the biggest problem is… your hands are tied because you just simply don’t know how to do it yourself. So all you can do is wait… and wait… and wait, and HOPE that it comes out right when it’s done once and for all, AND isn’t costing you more in webmaster fees and lost sales.

When it comes to marketing on the Internet, you simply MUST have a website. Without a website, it’s like opening a restaurant without food! You would never get off the ground. It would be silly to even think about a restaurant without first figuring out what kind of food you’ll offer. Yet, so many people start their online businesses without giving any thought to what kind of website they’re going to have or how in the world they’re going to get it from their head to the web!

Three Common Website Challenges Revealed

There are three common things that keep people from getting that very first website (and future ones for that matter) up and running and making money.

1. Lack of knowledge: (I don’t know the first thing about technology)
You come up with a great idea for a product or service and you want to market it online, but your technical skill ends at highlight, copy and paste (and maybe, a little formatting).

2. Fear: (“I’m a technophobe”)
You may know the basics of Dreamweaver or some other web editing software, but so much of it seems like it’s a completely different language. It just scares you right away.

3. Frustration: (“I can’t get the blasted thing to work”)
Many an Internet Marketer finds him/herself getting frustrated. They either get frustrated by the webmaster that “seemed so knowledgeable at first” or by the technology because they’re trying to learn it all themselves so they can have “control” over the business.

And that’s just getting it up and running. Heck… what happens if you manage to get the thing up and running and looking great. Then all of a sudden you find a typo! Just great… now you’ve got to go BACK to your webmaster (if you can reach them) and pay him/her their hourly rate of $50, $60, $75 per hour OR MORE, to change “strageties” to “strategies”. It’s 2 simple letters, but the webmaster wants to charge a minimum of 1 hour simply to open up your website!

It’s no wonder people get so overwhelmed by the website part of their business (even though it should only be a small part of what they focus on).

I AM Tired of Seeing My Friends Struggle

Maybe I shouldn’t tell you this part but for well over a decade I’ve been a webmaster myself for “Marketing Giants” like Armand Morin, Alex Mandossian, Mark Victor Hansen, Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero, and many more. I also do “favors” for dozens of well know friends in the industry when they come to me at 2am with an urgent problem, but they can’t find their webmaster anywhere and he or she’s been offline for 3 days and their site is down or there’s a bug that simply won’t work!

You would not believe some of the messes I have had to clean up and how much these people have overpaid for the quality they received.

Frankly, it drives me insane!

I know what you’re probably thinking right this very moment: “Oh, sure he says it’s easy because he’s a techno-geek!” Well truth be told, that’s the very reason I’ve come up with this solution.

You see I can’t possibly take on anymore clients and I’ve seen so many of my friends struggle to get a website online… I was determined to figure out a simple strategy that anyone can accomplish that would solve the problem once and for all!

Not only could I help all my friends and mastermind partners to get this done themselves, without stress; worry; or expense; of hiring a techno-geek webmaster, but I could also stop them from running into trouble in the first place! They’d never be dependent on a webmaster again! They could control their website 100% all of the time.

And sure… if they wanted to outsource any part of it, they certainly could still do that too, But they’d have the ability and the tools to make any last minute changes on their own! They would never have to wait for a change or update EVER AGAIN!

Get Control of Your Website Right Now!

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Why Be Held Hostage By
A Webmaster Any longer?

By following the simple steps I show you in WordPress&#8482 Strategies you’ll quickly discover that you, yourself can create your own blog, website, or even membership site without the help of anyone what-so-ever.

Let’s put it this way, if you were able to start your computer, open up a web browser and find this website, you can put up a website with the resources I share with you in WordPress&#8482 Strategies.

Let me take a second to explain why I chose WordPress&#8482 as the platform for this solution. In case you don’t know, WordPress&#8482 is a free online blog application that you can install on your website to journal about what ever you want to share with the world.

By simply watching the step-by-step online videos in the private members area you will learn how to go from WordPress&#8482 blog into a fully functional website in literally minutes. You’ll be amazed how quickly you achieved what others told you would take weeks or months to accomplish, all with no previous experience necessary.

Let me take a couple of minutes to show you a sample video oh how easy it REALLY is. Just click the play button in the middle of the video below.

Really it’s THAT SIMPLE!

I wouldn’t even be taking the time right now to write this letter to you if I didn’t think I’ve created the simplest solution possible. I’ve created over a dozen videos with more being added to make sure I’ve covered the basics and beyond so that you “Get It”! In addition to that I’ve even included an easy way for you to tell me where you’re stuck so that I’m sure to cover all of the bases. Also in the members area that you get access to you’ll find reviews of add-in’s that I think might be usefull for you to make your site even better.

What Is WordPress&#8482 Strategies

WordPress Strategies is an online members area will you get access to online videos broken down to 10-15 minute segments covering every aspect of WordPress. Plus in the members area you have access to all previous content and break out videos from previous sessions. As well as troubleshooting tips, reviews and more.

And If It Isn’t In There Just Ask!

That’s right you get submit it anytime access which means if you need help with ANYTHING related to your WordPress site and you don’t see a video on it already just submit a request and we’ll create a video for you that covers your specific need.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

With WordPress™ Strategies you’ll:

  • Be able to Install the WordPress&#8482 application.
  • Create your first post, – this is what becomes your sales page, optin page and members content.
  • Learn how to Add and configure images to your blog, so that you can better incorporate them on your pages
  • Know how to add and configure audio and video to your blog, for replays and audio descriptions of your products.
  • Understand how to add plugins, which allow you to add additional features to your site quickly and easily.
  • Discover how to change the appearance of your website in just a matter of clicks utilizing WordPress&#8482 themes.
  • Have a good understanding of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to quickly adjust your theme to look the way you want. You event get access to my CSS Crash Course.

  • Learn how to to turn your WordPress website into a sales letter.
  • Know how to Create your first membership site using WordPress&#8482.
  • Find out different ways and models you can utilize WordPress&#8482 for your Membership site.
  • Locate and chose the right template for your needs.
  • Utilize widgets to further customize your site.
  • Discover how to find the widgets and plugins you need.
  • Learn how to drive traffic to your site with SEO and Ping Strategies.
  • Know how to maintain and automate backups of your site.
  • Transfer your blog from one hosting to another.
  • Discover additional ways you can utilize WordPress to grow your business.
  • And much more.

Yes, I need WordPress™ Strategies Right Now!

Here’s What You Get When You
Order WordPress™ Strategies Today

  • A WordPress Quick Start Video Training
  • All of the Step-By-Step Bite Size WordPress Videos
  • Ask It Anytime WordPress Answers
  • Unlimited Updates to the Members Area
  • WordPress Template Reviews
  • WordPress Plugin Reviews
  • CSS Crash Course

This sounds like just what I need, Let me order now!

my quarantee

That One Guarantee!

If at ANY TIME you decide you no longer want access to all of the WordPress answers you can handle, simple submit a request to our support desk and we will terminate your membership access with no explanation necessary. What can be fairer than that?

online order

Just so that you are completly clear, with WordPress&#8482 Strategies I will take you step-by-step in every area possible to put content on your website, wether it be text, images, audio, pdf’s or what ever you can think of and in no time at all you will turn a boring website into a first class sales site or even a multimedia membership area, training people in your niche market just like

I’ve done here. I’m totally confident that I can walk you through every area that you want to learn and more. And if I haven’t covered it yet let me know via the online ask form and I’ll add it to make sure you get your questions answered.

WordPress&#8482 Strategies

YES!, I want to learn the strategies that will help me once and for all take control of my own web sites and save hundreds if not thousands of dollars by utilizing these techniques.

  • I understand i’ll receive Monthly ACCESS For Just One A One-Time Payment to the online members learning center with Unlimited Updates when I act now.

  • I will also receive the bonus CSS Crash Course as well.

I wish you all the best and much success in everything you do!


Frank Deardurff III – That One Web Guy!

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P.P.S I’ve already been told I’m crazy for offering WordPress&#8482 Strategies this low. If you don’t order today I can’t guarantee the price will be the same when you return.